Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions

Are you passionate about CBD vaping, but don’t want to face regulatory and manufacturing challenges? Whatever your reason, we offer a turnkey CBD vape manufacturing solution for your business. From packaging to lab testing, and registration, we can take your concept and turn it into a fully-fledged and viable business.

Our manufacturing solutions include:

Project Set-Up

We meet with you and discuss your project goals to better understand what you’re trying to achieve. From here, we start strategizing and planning a way forward.

Lab Testing

Already have a product? Our full-service lab will test if your product meets regulatory and manufacturing requirements. QM & laboratory analysis to exclude pesticides, heavy metals, carbonyls. Laboratory examination for the determination of the cannabinoid and terpene profile (cannabinoid analytics)

Product Registration

The process of registering a product according to the requirements of TPD2 and the Tobacco Products Ordinance is challenging due to multiple standards and regulations. We know the ins and outs of registration to get your product out to market as soon as possible.

Branded Packaging Supply

Your packaging not only gives your brand a voice, but can make all the difference in consumers choosing your product as well. Let us help give your brand a voice with packaging that stands out. We also perform conformity testing and consulting for labels and packaging including procurement and printing of labels and packaging.

Original CCELL Vape Hardware Customisations

We are a licenced and proud CCELL distributor and can help you create advanced and customised products according to your vision.

TH2 Cartridges

Pod/510 Cartridge Filling & Product Assembly

Whether you’re opting for pod operated vapes, traditional cartridge vapes, or a few of each, we’ll help you design and assemble the perfect product that suits your vision. Packaging and banding of the end products

CBD Vape Products (Oil Formulation & Supply)

Our facilities allow us to produce and supply CBD oil in line with your exact specifications. Filling the cartridges or refill containers with CBD liquids and extracts

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